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by Liz Duffy Adams
 "Comedy alternates quite fluidly with suspense in a production that is well-orchestrated by director James Dragolovich."
 "Sandlin is remarkably charming in the role of Aphra Behn."
 "McLain has a really solid sense of the pacing, never rushing his engagement in the suspense of the plot."
"Bonnell sparkles with charm as Gwynn."
- Russ Bickerstaff, Shepherd Express
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"Rachel Sandlin brings warmth and a knowing twinkle to the role of Aphra."
"Both McClain and Bonell play dual roles, plus alternating in a show-stoppingly hilarious turn as Behn’s motor-mouthed patron."
"It’s a pleasant confection, and literate to boot: not a bad way at all to pass a lusty evening in June."
- Jeff Grygny,
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MAY 31 - JUNE 9
The show takes place (mostly) during one night in the life of Aphra Behn, Poet, spy, and soon to be the first professional female playwright. Sprung from debtors' prison after a disastrous overseas mission, Aphra is desperate to get out of the spy trade. She has a shot at a production at one of only two London companies, if she can only finish her play by morning despite interruptions from sudden new love, actress Nell Gwynne; complicated royal love, King Charles II; and very dodgy ex-love, double -agent William Scott, who may be in on a plot to murder the king in the morning. Can Aphra resists Nell's charms, save Charles' life, win William a pardon, and launch her career, all in one night?   
The cast includes Rachel Sandlin as Aphra, and Brittany Bonnell and Zach McLain playing the rest of the roles.
Or, is being directed by James Dragolovich. 
Performances are May 31, June 1, 2, 7, 8, 9. Fridays at 8:00pm, Saturdays at 7:30pm and Sundays at 6:00pm.  
Carte Blanche Studios has acquired a movie screen and will soon start showing a wide variety of films on a semi-regular basis.  Check back soon for a posted schedule of upcoming films!
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